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“Experiences exceeded all my expectations"

by Barb B., Oakville, ON
August 2019

Africa Small Group Tour 


"A trip to Africa was one of my top three "bucket list trips. I'm a single traveler.  The package that Further Afield put together offered way more than I could have ever planned on my own and the experiences exceeded all of my expectations!  The accommodations were first class. While we were in Capteown we had our own private van and "Henry" who was an excellent guide. His knowledge and humour made the trip so pleasurable and entertaining. The itinerary gave us a chance to see all the different parts of Africa. We were given an opportunity to explore places on our own but we also had the comfort of being with the group.  The safari experiences that we had at Kapama Lodge was superb!  From the moment we landed we were icked up from the airport in our Jeep! We experienced a real Safari adventure!  Riding around the property, off roading with our guides and trackers on the lookout for the animals and not ever seeing another Jeep!  We saw so many animals!  More than I could ever imagine. The drivers were very respectful of us and the animals. Everyone had an opportunity to get that perfect picture without disturbing the animals.  Chobe lodge offered us a new angle because of the opportunity to go out on the Chobe River to see the animals coming down for a drink.  The river offered us a chance to see hippos, alligators, herds of elephants! What an experience!  There were times in the trip that individuals could chose an activity. I chose to go swimming with the sharks and I took a dip in the Devil's pool. Why not!  I took advantage of an experience that is unique to Africa. Sandy was "Good Energy" and she was right there with us laughing and enjoying the trip, all the while she was taking care of the details and keeping us on schedule.  The whole package delivered everything I was looking for!  That's why I'm back booking more trips with Further Afield Travel".

Boy did it deliver!

by Ann P, Burlington, ON
August 2019

Africa Small Group Tour

Sandy told me the Africa trip would deliver lots of opportunity to see the wild animals. Boy did it deliver!  I saw baby elephants playing, a lioness with 4 cubs walked right by our jeep close enough to touch if you were that foolish, a male rhinoceros chargedd another group's jeep that came between it and his females.. The trip down to Cape of Good Hope was amazingly beautiful.  

Ann P., Burlington, ON



A More Personal Experience

by Dieter G., Thornhill
August 2019

Africa Small Group Tour 

We could not have enjoyed our Africa trip more. We received a thorough and very useful pre-departure meeting, and Sandy was always available to answer any questions we had. Sandy also helped us add a few additional tours that made it a more personal experience for us.  Accommodations were excellent and our day guides were both friendly and very knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend this tour and we have already booked more travel with Further Afield.

Deiter G., Thornhill


Efficient Manner

by Colin & Doreen T. - Oakville
August 2019

Trip to Cuba

My wife and I would like to thank you for the efficient manner in which you handled our request that your company take care of all the arrangements with regard to our upcoming visit to Cuba.

Your knowledge and expertise was certainly appreciated and if the resort at which we plan to stay is as accommodating as you, our first time in Cuba will be a huge success.

Thanks again.

Best regards,

Colin and Doreen



Trip was phenomenal!

by Reneé & Mike B. - Rochester, MI
June 2019

2019 Sicily & Malta Exclusive Small Group Tour

 Dear Stacey Cruise and Further Afield Staff,

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your organization on our trip to Sicily and Malta this past April.

First of all, the trip was phenomenal in the choices of where to go and the hotels in which we stayed.

The guides were absolutely amazing in their knowledge and ability to communicate about the history and culture of the countries.  Stacey, you made sure we stayed on schedule and had all the wonderful experiences   you were committed to make sure we had.

The experiences you chose, from churches, farms, vineyards, ruins etc are some of the best travel experiences we have ever had (and we have had our share).

The most surprising part was how affordable this experience was.  I have paid much more for far less.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and we will surely seek you out for more travel!

Renee and Mike

Integral part of the adventure!

by Karie M. - Toronto, ON
May 2019

2019 Sicily & Malta Exclusive Small Group Tour

A world class thank you to Stacey and the folks at Further Afield for making our trip to Sicily and Malta, a trip of a lifetime!!  From the moment we stepped off the plane to our final goodbyes, our vacation was filled with the right balance of adventure, culture and unforgettable experiences.  Travelling in a small group guaranteed you were an integral part of the adventure and not just another person on the bus.  Fantastic trip – Fantastic people!  I highly recommend Further Afield Travel and Tours.


Fantastic Trip!

by Rob & Milvi - Burlington, ON
May 2019

2019 Sicily & Malta Exclusive Small Group Tour

We had a fantastic trip - so much to see and local experiences are top notch. The travel team has done a marvelous job of organizing everything including local guides - the only task for us is to show up at the designated times.    

Rob and Milvi

So much to see and do!

by Ray & Anne L. - Glace Bay, NS
May 2019

2019 Scotland Exclusive Small Group Tour

Hi Sandy

How can I really say how much Ray and I enjoyed our tour of  Scotland, it was like traveling with family, how well everyone blended in with each other.  

One of the many things we enjoyed was the Scone Palace, there is just so much history. Another was the Stirling Castle, Michele, Ray and I did a lot of walking and discovering there.  

But most of all both Ray and I enjoyed the dinner show, food, entertainment was super and of course our fellow travelers taking part in the show.

There was just so much to see and do, you did a fantastic job of putting it all together, and I find it so hard to just mention a few of them. I start reminiscing and something else pops up

We would highly recommend this tour 

To both you and Joe who has a wonderful store of knowledge of the country and was quite the entertainer, loved his singing and stories.  At some point we  will plan another tour.

Thank you  

Job well done

Would like to say hello to all, and may be all meet again

Ray & Anne L


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