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Fantastic Trip!

by Rob & Milvi - Burlington, ON
May 2019

2019 Sicily & Malta Exclusive Small Group Tour. We had a fantastic trip - so much to see and local experiences are top notch. 

The travel team has done a marvelous job of organizing everything including local guides - the only task for us is to show up at the designated times.    

Rob and Milvi

So much to see and do!

by Ray & Anne L. - Glace Bay, NS
May 2019

2019 Scotland Exclusive Small Group Tour. How can I really say how much Ray and I enjoyed our tour of  Scotland, it was like traveling with family, how well everyone blended in with each other.

 One of the many things we enjoyed was the Scone Palace, there is just so much history. Another was the Stirling Castle, Michele, Ray and I did a lot of walking and discovering there.  

But most of all both Ray and I enjoyed the dinner show, food, entertainment was super and of course our fellow travelers taking part in the show.

There was just so much to see and do, you did a fantastic job of putting it all together, and I find it so hard to just mention a few of them. I start reminiscing and something else pops up

We would highly recommend this tour 

To both you and Joe who has a wonderful store of knowledge of the country and was quite the entertainer, loved his singing and stories.  At some point we  will plan another tour.

Thank you  

Job well done

Would like to say hello to all, and may be all meet again

Ray & Anne L

Everything was done for us.

by Carmela D. - Toronto, ON
May 2019

2019 Scotland Exclusive Small Group Tour. “I thoroughly enjoyed my tour to Scotland with Further Afield including our excellent organizer, Sandy, who is the owner of this travel company.  

It was my first ever travel tour and I was impressed with the planning and itinerary created by Further Afield.   We also had a wonderful group of people on this tour which made it a perfect holiday. Everything was done for us.  All we had to do was “show up” at the time and place that Sandy specified, and off we went.  I will certainly use Further Afield again on one of their interesting and informative tours.”    Carmela D.


Thoroughly enjoyed!

by Colleen & Doug - Burlington, ON
May 2019

2019 Scotland Exclusive Small Group Tour. We thoroughly enjoyed the sights, sounds and tastes of Scotland. 

Sandy and Joe (our driver) made it even better with their careful planning and personal attention to detail.  Looking forward to new adventures with Further Afield.

Colleen and Doug


Very enjoyable experience!

by Betty R. - Oakville
May 2019

2019 Scotland Exclusive Small Group Tour. The trip to Scotland was my third group tour arranged by Further Afield Travel and Tours and once again I was exceptionally pleased with their professionalism and attention to detail. 

It resulted in a very enjoyable and stress free experience.  Many thanks to Sandy Lidka, our tour leader, and Joe Fahy, our luxury coach driver.


Remarkable Experience!

by Larry F. - Caledon, ON
May 2019

2019 Sicily & Malta Exclusive Small Group Tour. This was our first group tour and right from the day of booking, Stacey and Further Afield made sure it was a truly remarkable experience. The itinerary, excursions and hotels were all well documented giving us a great idea of what was to come during the trip.  But it proved to be so much more and so rewarding. 

Further Afield provided excellent guides who made the city and places visited come alive with historical and personal commentary.  They made us feel part of the story and ensured a wonderful experience. 

Even the weather could not stop the fun - one day a snow and hail storm occurred, stopping us from seeing Mount Etna, but within minutes Stacey and our guides had found a different option to fill the day - the guide called a Baron and we visited his palace!  Yes - they had a Baron on speed dial!!!  

The attention to detail, the professionalism of the guides and the jam packed schedule made this a trip for the ages. 

Sicily and Malta are treasures to visit.  From Ancient Greek and Roman ruins, to cooking classes and local glass making, Further Afield has put together a trip that is memorable and rewarding.  The group dynamics were fantastic and all the hotels and restaurants chosen by Further Afield were exceptional. 

Stacey and Further Afield did an amazing job.  You will be guaranteed a wonderful experience.

Carried off without a hitch!

by Audrey D. - Cape Breton, NS
May 2019

2019 Scotland Exclusive Small Group Tour. Hi Sandy and Joe, Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour to Scotland. The tour was well planned, organized and carried off without a hitch.

Each of us had highlights we liked best: from the breath-taking scenery on the Isle of Skye, discovering MacLennan family history at Eilean Donan castle (as well as meeting a distant relative), eating Hagis, the history of Culloden, the Cooperage etc. It was all very good! (and the great weather was an added bonus!)

The tour was interesting, informative and contained something for everyone. The number of guests on the coach was perfect and it didn’t take long getting to know everyone. A very friendly group! The accommodations and food were very good.

We were very impressed with the tour guides at the castles and Culloden. Each was so passionate about their subject and so willing to share the history. They were very open to questions as well. We really enjoyed Joe’s input as we travelled whether it was history of the area, stories, a good joke or song. Joe, you have a wonderful manner when speaking with people, even when you say “get off now”. We also appreciated your driving skills as you made your way down roads that were like “cow paths” or backing the bus up in tight spaces.

Organizing such a tour takes much work and planning. We appreciate your efforts Sandy, your openness to questions and comments and your inquiries into what people liked or didn’t care for. You were also attentive; always looking out for your “charges” making sure everyone was safe and were where they needed to be.

Overall, this adventure was wonderful… spending dedicated time with Mom and Michele, seeing amazing sites and places as well as making new friends! 

Thanks again and safe travels!


Over the moon!

by Bonnie G. - Mississauga, ON
February 2019

To "The Ladies" at Further Afield Travel and Tours...

I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service we received while booking our family vacation to Mexico.

 My husband and I knew exactly what we wanted in a resort, for ourselves and our children and we are picky as we do not travel often! You were able to find the perfect resort that met all of our asks and we were able to book our trip within a week of contacting you (woo hoo). But the trip itself, did not only meet our expectations, it exceeded them. The resort you recommended was by far the best we have ever been to, in every aspect imaginable. The joy on our kids faces the entire week, as well as the time we had together will be something we are going to cherish  dearly.  The team at Further Afield also went the extra mile....adding so many personal touches leading up to our trip, with a couple phone calls to wish us a good trip and give us the weather report of where we would soon be. But you also called afterwards to see how it went and sent a thank you card to us.....when we should be thanking you!!! I have never received this type of service from any other travel agency. I will absolutely book every family vacation with you ladies from now on, your customer service was outstanding and I want to thank you, Further Afield Travel for making this entire experience so memorable.  

I am just over the moon ladies!





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