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Clients' Stories


Person Name: 
Alice G. - Oakville, ON

Alaskan Cruise

Just returned from a 7 day inside straight Alaskan cruise leaving from Vancouver with my husband, two sons, my sister and 3 friends. The trip was absolutely fantastic! From the get go Sandy was helpful and informative. Not to mention coordinating our group who lived in three different cities and touching base with us to make sure we met deadlines and were ready to go. Sandy, Brydon too, was extremely helpful in pulling everything together for us. This team is very customer oriented and I will book my next holiday with them. Thank you Further Afield!


  • Geysirs in Rotorua, New Zealand
  • Maori Show, New Zealand
  • Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Milford Sound, New Zealand
  • Sydney Opera House, Australia
Person Name: 
Ann P. - Burlington, ON

Further Afield Travel and Tour's Small Group Tour

Highlights of tour to New Zealand and Australia


In Rotorua the Maori cultural centre and meal was very good.  I saw geysers erupting for the first time.  The dancing show was very good and I got to do the swingball dance.  The guide explained about the Maori culture both good and bad and frankly answered a lot of questions on the current conditions of their culture.

In Queenstown the group visited a jade gallery and we got to go upstairs to see the very expensive "art" carvings.  Very beautiful and pricey.  Our hotel room overlooked the lake and so we sat on the balcony and drank wine after the days touring.  Wonderful relaxing way to end a day.    (Saw others in the group jogging the trail around the lake, to each his own)

In Milford Sound we had bright sunshine and calm water to tour the natural beauty.  It was amazing. Our guide said this was highly unusual.

In Sydney the tour of the Opera House was excellent and I purchased a show of Opera Highlights for later in the afternoon.  The show had the audience sing the chorus of the encore so we could all say we have performed at the Sydney Opera House.


  • Road to Castelmola, Sicily
  • Fruit and Vegetable Vendor in Cefalù
  • Locals in Monreale, Sicily
  • Family Run Farm - Diar il Bniét
Person Name: 
Ann P. - Burlington, ON

Highlights of my Sicily & Malta Trip with Furhter Afield Travel and Tours.

The special highlights are things like seeing the vegetable man in Cefalu who would run up 4 flights to deliver his product - not seen in Canada;  also seeing the old original streets in Monreale with the elderly ladies in their home, real Sicilians living their lives and not a tourist attraction.  Fruits and vegtables for sale on many street corners.  Having time to dip our feet in the Mediterranean - many tours do not take that time nor do they have time to go up to Castelmola if the group wants to go - big groups can not handle any changes to the itinerary.  Going in April when the weather is pleasant and the tourist attractions are not overun.  I have done the Vatician with 18 thousand other people (7 tour groups in a space the size of your office) and it was scary.  Some of the places visited are in natural surroundings - not all towns and urban settings.  Segesta with the wildflowers around the temple.  The farm visit with a local describing their own lifestyle.


  • Pompano Hotel, Bermuda
  • Pompano Hotel, Bermuda
Person Name: 
Steve and Eva - Oakville, ON

We had a great time in Bermuda.

The island was lovely and the setting of the resort was beautiful - great beach, ocean views and surrounding gardens. The hotel (Pompano) itself is older and showing it's age a bit, but the staff were wonderful, the food was excellent, and everything was clean and well-maintained.

Eva was very pleased with the trip as her "birthday gift" and we both came back relaxed and rejuvenated. Thanks for organizing the arrangements.

I've attached a couple of photos whch may give you an idea of the experience. We would recommend Pompano Hotel to others who might also be considering  a trip to Bermuda.



  • Palm Springs, California, USA
  • Palm Springs, California, USA
  • Palm Springs, California, USA
  • Palm Springs, California, USA
Person Name: 
Joanne - Dallas, Texas

Oasis in the desert.

Our adventure in Palm Springs began with a quiet day luxuriating at Agua Serena Spa, where our cares and worries just seemed to melt away. The services were exemplary and we were rubbed and scrubbed to our hearts content.

We decided we were going to go hiking on day 2. We set out early with water and snacks, (thank gawd), and the intent of finding the stone pools on Palm Canyon Trail at Indian Canyons. A short 3 mile hike. Piece of cake. NOT!!

We found the stones but there were no pool to be seen anywhere. To witness the drought that Califoenia is experiencing first hand is sad. Proud palm trees struggling to hang on, desert brush barely surviving, everything clinging to life as best it can. It was eye opening.

Stacey and I got to see a tiny bit of what it's like to exist in the desert on our 5 hour trek. I was never so happy to see shade in all my life. Needless to say, we were back at the spa the next day, recovering from our adventure!

Palm Springs is an oasis in the desert. The perfect spot to rest and rejuvenate, mind, body and soul, and golf is pretty spectacular too!


  • Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica
Person Name: 
Darcy, Mississauga, Ontario

WOW may be an overused explicative but WOW it is!!

This was my first trip to Jamaica and surely will not be my last. Round Hill Hotel and Villas, in a very casual way, blew the doors off spectacular. The villas, with breathtaking vistas, grabbed my visual attention and had me smiling at the serenity of it all. Being nestled in the raw beauty of the rain forest provided a seclusion that was both alive and inviting. Our private infinity pool was the crowning jewel to the villa we were treated too. Hazel and Elaine arrived each morning to pamper us with easy 'hellos' and breakfast which they prepared in our villas' kitchen. I would be remissed not to mention the on-site spa. Richard gave me a 'best ever' deep tissue massage. He kept my toes warm. A garden tour of the 110 acre grounds further solidified my affintiy for this vacation destination. As Dave told us of the 30 foot palm trees he planted himself 15 years earlier I was struck by the history this place holds. The pride Dave exhbited had me feeling honoured to be privy to it all. I had become a part of the hotel's history. Quite the experience.