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  • Church of Saint Charles Borromeo, Vienna, Austria
  • Church of Saint Charles Borromeo, Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria
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A most unexpected experience!!

With time running short in Vienna Sandy and I chose to go to Karlskirche – Church of Saint Charles Borromeo. The church was completed in 1739 and considered a masterpiece of European baroque.

Even on this overcast day, the scene of the large pool of water in front with the magnificent church as it’s backdrop was spectacular. True to it’s being on the Top 10 things to see and do in Vienna and we hadn’t yet entered the doors.

We were not to be disappointed. The entrance fee paled in comparison to the experience that lay ahead.

There was, what looked like scaffolding in the church. Upon closer inspection we realized that the erected structure housed an elevator. Eyeing the trajectory of the elevator I swear my jaw dropped when I realized that the elevator led straight up, heading towards the dome of the church.

I am not crazy about heights but knew that this was an opportunity I did not want to miss. Stepping into the glass elevator I rose 100 feet. The scaffolding continued. Climbing the additional 60 feet to the top had my heart racing and my legs less co-operative then they would have been had I stayed at ground level.

Seeing the frescos up close blew me away. Reaching out, I was within inches of touching them. 16 stories up, in the dome of an 18th century church, one of those, pinch me moments.

The painters’ attention to detail, the shear volume of artwork astounded me. How the walls were painted to appear as though parts of them were marble was extraordinary. Two dimensions becoming three through the skill of the artist.

My unsteady legs reluctantly took me one step at a time down. I took my time, not because of my fear but because I couldn’t get enough of the sights. I was experiencing a once in a lifetime and I knew it.